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How to use the Yantra Slippers

There is usually a gradual occurrence before you can go with the Yantra Slippers they recommended 30 minutes a day. It's important that you remember to use them every day to get the most benefit from Yantra Slippers and to indulge your body to walk in it.

Insert the foot in
You may have stockings for a slower startup

Tighten the velcro
Thus, the foot does not travel back and forth over the points. This can eventually cause the pads to go loose. Put a flat hand on each side of the velcro and squeeze it together.

3-5 minutes a day
Start using the Yantra Slipper 3-5 minutes daily and gradually increase the minute count until you reach the recommended 30 minutes a day

Powerful cleansing
The blood flow through the legs increases, which causes a severe cleansing of the body.

Take Yantra Slippers off
When you take the Yantra Slipper, you notice how it "bubbles" in your legs. Your legs will feel easier.

Size guide:

35/36 24.5cm

37/38 25.5cm

39/40 26.5cm

41/42 27.5cm

43/44 29.0cm

45/46 30.0cm